Baseus Mobile Phone Holder for Bicycle, Scooter and Motorcycle Black

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Baseus Mobile Phone Holder for Bicycle, Scooter and Motorcycle Black

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  • Major Features:
  • Quad-Lock against Dropping: Quad lock in an X-shaped structure and high strength tensile springs firmly hold a phone. Fast Remove and Attach: A new separated device allows you to remove and attach a phone in one second
  • Auto-lock: The separated device auto matches and locks into the fastener when connecting the mount to the base. Double Mechanical Reinforcement: Tighten and press to double lock
  • Do Not Block the Screen and Buttons: It does not block the screen, and the reserved gaps for interfaces and buttons are user-friendly
  • 360° Adjustment: Adjust the angle with one hand and switch between a portrait or landscape screen for navigation. Four-Way Stretch, High Compatibility: Compatible with 4.7-6.7inch phones
  • An Anti-Slip Silica Gel Pad: The pad can increase the friction to the handlebar to prevent the mount from dropping. Detailed Protection Design: TPU pads cover and protect the four corners of a phone. For Multiple models: Applicable to a 22-0mm handlebar in diameter
  • Baseus gadget will provide your mobile phone with considerable stability. Another important advantage is the possibility of adapting the holder to your phone. This is thanks to four arms which can be adjusted to the screens from 4,7 to 6,7 inches. When installing the piece on the rear part of the phone, each of the four arms should cover one of the smartphone corners. Do not be afraid of any damage in this area as there is protection against scratching to the screen, corner, and rear part. Also, you should feel free to set the position of the phone in the range of 360°.

    Solid structure

    The holder can be easily attached to the bicycle or motorcycle handlebars. The ring can be properly tightened up and its interior holds the material preventing it from moving and sliding on the frame. This lets you freely ride, you don’t have to worry that the holder will rotate and your mobile phone falls down.

    Series of protective units

    The first step is to attach a four-armed phone holder. When you screw the ring to the handlebars, the only thing you need to do is slide the phone with a holder in. If you can hear a click, you can be sure the mechanism is locked and your mobile phone is safe. When you want to take it out, just press the key and release the lock.


    Brand: Baseus
  • Type: Bike-/motorbike-mounted holder
  • Permissible handlebars diameter: up to 22 mm
  • Holder dimensions: 135 x 85 x 110 mm
  • Compatible with mobile phones: 4.7 – 6.7 inches
  • Content of the set:

  • 1 x Bike-/motorbike-mounted holder